After a trip to Cinnabar Island, Professor Tuckamore's course of life was changed forever. She saw something on the coastline that shouldn't have been there—something that shouldn't have existed at all. After finding no plausible explanation for what it could've been, she took to Pokemon research herself, forever searching after that forbidden variable.

Basically, Tuckamore researches (or TRIES to research) the in-universe equivalent of glitches, glitch Pokemon, and random number generation. The effectiveness of her methods tend to vary wildly and mostly involve doing stuff that makes absolutely no sense to anyone. When they inexplicably end up working, no one really knows to make of it.

Sprite by << SNUGBOAT >> !


Lives in Sinnoh

Unknown where she got her PhD from, or if she has one at all

Has seen the Mystery Zone. Didn't come back the same.

She has a Porygon-Z because duh, and 2 Chatot because of Gen 4/5 RNG Chatter manipulation. All her Pokemon are Normal-type birds. BIRD/NORMAL. MISSINGNO JOKE

Her Bad EGG just showed up one day. She has no idea what it is or what to do with it, but she's afraid of angering it.

She cracked the code of her reality's random number generation one day. The discovery that everything is predetermined and can be both predicted and influenced by seemingly nonsensical actions permanently altered her outlook on life, and she sought to use this knowledge for the greater good. Unfortunately, no one believes her, because flipping a coin on a Poketch app for an hour straight to somehow change the course of reality sounds completely stupid.

Once rode a bicycle at record-breaking speeds in the middle of Jubilife City. There WERE injuries involved. For some reason, explaining to the authorities that she was "tweaking" did not help her case.

Refuses to return to Kanto—says she's afraid of "breaking reality"

Her Chatot try to sit on the Bad EGG to warm it up. She has to chase them away with a broom because god knows what would happen if that thing hatched.

Her Chatot's Chatter sounds exactly like when you blow into the broken microphone of an old DS. It's just this horrible screech.

Tuckamore's name is derived from krummholz trees, a phenomenon in which trees become deformed by arctic winds. Krummholz sounded too German though so I ended up using tuckamore, the Newfoundland name for these formations.